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Ozone has astounding application in the field of medicine. Used in Germany since the 1950's, ozone has been effective in disinfecting donated blood and in arresting the spread of hepatitis, syphilis and HIV.

In fact, ozone has widespread benefits in the treatment of numerous medical conditions and diseases such as, cancer, viral infections, encephalitis, respiratory infections, pneumonia, chronic allergies, adverse reactions to stinging insects, polio, renal disease, lupus, and contact dermatitis. It also helps to minimize the effects of radiation treatment.

Our mission is to alert the public and the medical and healthcare communities that ozone, through its oxidation and oxygenation properties, is a powerful antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-tumor agent that when administered intravenously has relatively few side effects when compared to traditional pharmacological treatments.


How It Started (by Andrew Tait, founder)
I was snorkeling off the east coast of Florida at the exact location where I had been just ten years earlier. I witnessed a loss of 40 to 50% of the reef life in that area, it was so shocking it became a life changing revelation.

On another occasion and during an annual snorkeling trip at Crystal River in Florida I noticed the green native grasses that the Manatees had been eating in previous years were gone. A brown moss like plant was now drifting along the bottom of the canals and waterways. The Manatees were eating it and I suspected the nutritional value was far less then rich native grasses. That winter a record number of Manatees died.

These events combined with an affinity for nature supported by a business background ultimately lead me to one conclusion. While environmental organizations were winning battles they were clearly losing the war to save Earth. Thereafter I began developing a synergistically designed network of organizations and events to create an unstoppable environmental revolution.

After successfully completing a full concept design, which took 18 months, we conducted a six-month survey with individuals from 23 states. Our initial survey of control groups from two states indicated our original plan was flawed and would have failed. The sad reality was that Americans wouldn't save Earth in time unless they were properly motivated.

After quickly modifying our conceptual design we then completed the survey with very favorable results. Over time, our survey virtually guaranteed our environmental model would become a tremendous success.

Realizing the need to fully empower and unite all organizations and individuals we began building a fully inclusive and synergistically designed infrastructure. Ultimately we would create turnkey business solutions to fully network and empower all like-minded organizations and individuals with one common goal - to save Earth.

One Earth, One Mission ran three ads and with a small administrative staff placed over 60 volunteers within our ranks in the spring of 2003. That summer, we completed over 2,500 hours of research. In the fall of 2003 with the assistance of some dedicated interns, our administrative group began building our infrastructure.

In the spring we placed 33 ads hoping to glean 100 to 150 volunteers. By mid June we had 265 volunteers and interns signed up. From templates to banners and programming, our all -volunteer organization completed over half of our infrastructure by the fall of 2004.

With 90% of our co-op infrastructure completed, a direct of result of over 75,000 hours, we will assist participating organizations to initiate a massive launch this fall. Our common goal is to create shifts within our society significant enough to save Earth. Join our revolution!

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